No to NATO

Expansive drive amid its crisis
The NATO is the main military expression of the US-led imperialist system. Its drive to expand to the east does, however, not only meet resistance but comes at a point of crisis of the power of its centre. To fight the expansion of NATO and to struggle for the exit within its member states remains a primordial task.

The attack on Libya in 2011 displays at also within decline NATO remains a prime enemy. On the other hand the aspirations of Turkey, a key NATO member, to become a leading power of the Middle East puts the imperialist military alliance into severe troubles as such a role is possible only if Ankara breaks with its traditional role as a pawn of Washington.

No to NATO

Call of German anti-imperialist forces for the moblisation against the NATO summit
Thu, 02/05/2009
In solidarity with everyone who will protest on April 2009 in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit meeting, marking the 60th anniversary of the founding of the NATO military alliance, we call for protests as the beginning of a long-term campaign against NATO and militarization of the European Union, and call for the following demands to be made central to the campaign:

• Withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan

• Withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq - an end to the German support for the occupation

• Solidarity with the legitimate resistance of the peoples of the Near East and Middle East against war and occupation

• An end to the blockade against the Gaza Strip, demolition of the apartheid wall and the illegally bult Israeli settlements

• An end to the threats of war against Iran

A world without NATO is necessary

Mobilisation against NATO's 60th anniversary
Sun, 10/26/2008
In April 2009 NATO will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in Strasbourg / Kehl right on the French-German border. A massive international mobilisation is under way to express the popular protest and refusal of this main instrument of Western capitalist and imperialist domination and war mongering.

On last October 4/5 an international conference took place in Stuttgart, Germany, to prepare the protests which issued the call below. The Anti-imperialist Camp not only endorses the call but urges everybody to massively participate.

During the deliberations of the conference the Anti-imperialist Camp proposed to add following demands to the call in order to make it more concrete and to the point:

x Withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan
x No to the extension of NATO to the East
x End occupation and war in the Middle East

On the alert!

Call for an int'l campaign against the enlargement of NATO
Anti-imperialist Camp
Wed, 10/15/2008
The very quick military victory of the Russian army in Georgia has a positive strategical importance, because it achieved four fundamental results at one time: