Impressions from Beirut and South Lebanon

Delegation of Sumud
Sep 12th 2010
Sabra in Beirut
Martyr memorial in Beirut
Palestinian refugee camp Beirut
Ghassan Kanafani
The martyrs of Tel az-Zater
Martyr burial ground
The Sumud-Delegation visits the martyr burial ground Beirut
The Nabatiyya refugee camp
Sumud-Delegation visiting the palestinian border
Sumud-Delegation, near occupied Palestine
Ein el Hilweh refugee camp
Resistance exhibition in Mlita
Resistance exhibition
Shqeif, Beaufort Castle
Shqeif was defended by the resistance
Occupied Palestine in the South...

Volunteers from Austria, Germany and Italy went to the refugee camp Ein el Hilweh to build a cultural center. This "SUMUD-Delegation 2010" also visited places in Beirut and South Lebanon, which are important to the history of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance.