Meet the Movement, Support the Revolutionaries

Solidarity Delegation to Egypt
The popular uprising in Egypt has swept away the dictator and stirred up the whole region. Its aim was not only to get rid of Mubarak, but the whole regime, the Mubarak system, although the movement does not have a clear political leadership and structure.

It was not an easy task, as Mubarak was probably the most important dictator representing the West. His system is still in place. It had enforced neoliberalism at the Nile, impoverished tens of millions of people, while Mubarak and his cronies lived in luxury. His system fomented the conflict between Muslims and Christians, to divide and rule. His system had joined hands with Israel to starve the people of Gaza. His system had supported the United States of America always and everywhere and tortured people on behalf of them.

The popular democratic movements are about to bring down the whole neo-colonial architecture of the Middle East. In a sense, they are continuing the movement against globalisation and the resistance against the American Empire on a much broader scale. The popular uprising is spreading not just in Tunisia and Libya, but throughout the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia.

The media in our countries want us to believe that these are colour revolutions like those in Eastern Europe. They don’t tell us that the Arab world has been the victim of western imperialism for centuries. In the Arab countries, democracy means anti-colonialism, self-determination and social justice. In the name of “democracy,” the United States, Europe and Israel have been tormenting the region with war. We shall see that democracy, as the people want it, will be very different from the understanding of Washington, Berlin and Paris. When the people take control over the oil from the oligarchy, the party will be over for the west. On the other hand, a protracted conflict between the old élites and the masses is inevitable.

We will soon (probably in April) travel to Egypt to

a. get a clear understanding of the situation and the local political forces (as we know that the media in our countries are instruments of the ruling system)

b. express our solidarity with the forces who want to get rid of the Mubarak system, as we oppose the system of the west

c. draft joint strategies against counterrevolutionary interventions by the west, when the people defends the new freedom and democratic rights against western interests

d. to initiate a future revolutionary movement against capitalism in Europe

A detailed programme will be published in the coming weeks. If you want to join us, please contact

Anti-imperialist Camp (AIK), Austria
Initiativ e.V. Duisburg, Germany