Global March to Jerusalem

March 30, 2012 - from Beirut, Amman, Cairo
On March 30 demonstrations starting from Beirut, Amman and Cairo, as well as convoys arriving from around the globe, will converge in the global quest to save Jerusalem from being colonised by Zionism. In these three capitals, we will be received by local preparatory committees. Concomitantly, there will be mobilisations throughout historic Palestine: in the West Bank, in the Gaza Strip, in the territories robbed 1948 (today Israel) and first and foremost, in Jerusalem. Inform yourself about the political project and read how you can participate.

We say no to Zionism and to an exclusive Jewish colonial state, which reacts to the legitimate struggle of the indigenous Palestinian people for self-determination with the expansion of its Apartheid rule. To support this struggle is a special duty for the European opposition forces because Zionism is not only a product of European colonialism and racism; it still enjoys the support of our ruling elite.

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) adopted the city of the three monotheistic world religions as a symbol of emancipation. Despite the on-going expulsion of Palestinians and the Judaisation of the city, it remains the common cultural heritage of humanity, which can never be erased.

We join this pluralistic initiative transcending cultural and religious borders carrying further ahead past initiatives. Our intention is to build a bridge for resistance between the Arab region, Europe and other parts of the world.

Yet stuck in conflicts over Arab popular movements and regional geo-politics
The Anti-imperialist Camp (AIC) was one of the first organisations in Europe to adhere and to actively promote the “Global March to Jerusalem” (GMJ). Now it is time to draw a public balance sheet, which for us is comprehensively positive, and to reflect on the way to continue.
6th - 30th March 2012
GMJ Asia
The Asian convoy was a remarkable collective venture & began when 27 Indonesians set of from Jakarta on the 6th of March 2012, for Karachi. At that moment, the Indian delegates from across the vast country & representing the vast diversity, were setting of in the trains to gather in New Delhi. Finally on the 9th of March 2012, 12 Indians & other activists, set off for the Wagah (India-Pakistan) border.
We, the Advisory Board of the Global March to Jerusalem, are alarmed and deeply troubled by the continuing repression of Palestinians in Jerusalem and by the deliberate and systematic attempts to expel and reduce the Christian and Muslim Palestinian population of the city as part of the policy called “Judaisation,” which is being applied to every part of historic Palestine.
Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky, George Galloway support the Global March to Jerusalem
Desmond Tutu
Following list of endorsers is not complete but an extraction centered on Europe, for the Anti-imperialist Camp has been one central promotor of the campaign in Europe.
Eyelyn Hecht-Galinski
Delegates from German speaking countries met on February 11, 2012, in the southern German town of Stuttgart to discuss how to roll out the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) initiative. More than 30 people reported about their local efforts and confirmed the operative GMJ committee for those three countries.
We will meet before Land Day on March 30, 2012, in Amman, Beirut and Cairo to start our common march to Jerusalem. In all these capitals, we would be joined by local preparatory committees.
Call from within for the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ)
Moustafa Barghouti
Join us as we intensify our struggle against forced exile and the system of Israeli apartheid on Land Day 2012. We Palestinians have been ethnically cleansed and uprooted from our lands starting in the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe) which resulted in the creation of the millions of refugees who are now living in the Diaspora. Nineteen years later, in 1967, Israel illegally annexed East-Jerusalem and the West Bank in a move which marked the Naksa (Setback), and subjected the remaining Palestinians to a brutal military occupation.
Invitation to European participation and support
Gretta Duisenberg: "Occupation and slow genozide by Israel are crimes"
We say no to Zionism; and to an exclusive Jewish colonial state, which reacts to the legitimate struggle of the indigenous Palestinian people with the expansion of its Apartheid rule.
Beirut conference of the GMJ
Feroze Mithrbowala, convener GMJ from India
The International Executive Committee of the Global March to Jerusalem announces the completion of the preparations for the Second International Conference where the representatives of the International Committees involved in the organization of the Global March to Jerusalem will meet. The conference will be held in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon on Tuesday and Wednesday 17th-18th January, 2012.
Amman call
The participants in The Global March to Jerusalem assert the following: