Pictures Anti-imperialist Camp 2012

Assisi, 23-26 August, 2012
Sep 25th 2012
Ajmi Lourimi, member of the political leadership of Enahda Tunisia
Haytham Manna (c), National Co-ordination Body for Democratic Change, Syria
Ali Fayyad, MP of Hezbollah, intervening in the forum of Haytham Manna
Greece: Petros Al Achmar, KOE; Yiannis Rachiotis, Antarsya; Mikhalis Tiktopoulos
Forum on One Democratic State in Palestine
Yoav Bar (speaking), Attia Rajab, Zaher Birawi, Leo Gabriel (r)
At the bar
Amal Ramsis, Egyptian film director, with Angela Lana, Infopal
Paul Larudee (speaking), Massimo De Santi, Mohammad Reza Dehshiri
"The Italian people on the side of the Palestinian one"
Leo Gabriel, member of the Executive Committee of the WSF
Ali Fayyad, MP Hezbollah
Italy: F. Flori (l), M. Ferro, N. De Bellis, M. Badiale, L. Mazzei

In Assisi, the picturesque medieval town symbolising the quest for peace and friendship between Islam and Christianity, the Tahrir movements against the US order in the Arab world came together with the popular protests in Southern Europe against the starvation programmes of the EU oligarchy. It was a unique event bringing the tremendous challenges to the revolutionary movement to the consciousness of the militants.

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