Lugansk - trade union republic

Pics from the Austrian Peace Delegation May 2019
May 22nd 2019
May 9: celebrating the victory over fascism
Stanica Luganska: important crossing of the demarcation line
Stanica Lugaska: Kiev refuses reconstruction
Stanica Luganska regeistes thousands of daily crossings
Hammer and sickle instead of Ukrainian colours
Babas: pre and early Christian steppe culture
Babas are female
Lugansk with its countless real-socialists monuments
School destroyed by Ukrainian shelling
"Lugansk = Georg band" (symbol of victory over German Nazism))
Soldier in front of the flag of the People's Republik of Lugansk (LNR)
Public building with crossed hammers on top
Bus station
Monument for the victims of Chernobyl
National holiday: red and state flags
Woroshilov, general of the Red Army
trans station with red star; behind hill top with former Ukrainian artillery positions
Alexej Albu (r), exiled leftist activist from Odessa
Damages by Ukrainian shelling
Restaurant USSR
Stage for the national celebration

From May 8 to 12, 2019, an Austrian Peace and Neutrality* Delegation consisting of nine people has visited the Donbass. Here some photo impressions.

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* refering to the constitutional principle of statal neutrality in international conflicts designed as a result of the German Nazi defeat and its imperialist ambitions. Austria should refrain from any imperialist bloc and maintain neutraliity between them.