No to the aggressive line against Russia

Pics from protests in Aachen, Germany
Jun 3rd 2014
Aachen: protest against Jazenjuk's speech
Anti-imperialist Camp: immediate ceasefire; against western intervention
Russian protesters
Thomas Zmrzly of "Initiativ" addressing a public debate
Pro-Ukrainian regime protesters with Israeli flag

On May 29 Ukraine’s acting prime minister Jazenjuk was invited to Aachen, Germany, to laud van Rompuy who has been awarded the Charlemagne prize. Along with him came representatives of Georgia and Moldavia, both countries within the Russian sphere of influence leaning towards the west. The entire event was meant as a political signal against Russia.

Several hundred people gathered in support of the uprising of the people of eastern Ukraine, against the war waged by Kiev and German endorsement for it. The rally was organised by a coalition of leftist forces ranging from the parliamentary party “Die Linke”, the peace movement to the groups affiliated with the Anti-imperialist Camp. Many people from eastern Ukraine or Russia joined in as well.