Rome Intl Forum, 20 and April 21
Rome Forum Future of Palestine
Guests from: Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Morocco,Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Georgia, China, United States,Germany, Austria, Ireland,Great Britain, South Africa…
Stop World War 3 International Peace Initiative
Israel is committing a casebook crime of genocide in Gaza. To be precise, it is continuing and hardening the colonial genocide it had been committing in Palestine for 75 years.
Pre-written speech Athens 2023
Wilhelm Langthaler
World Anti-imperialist Platform Athens November 2023
Written speech of Wilhelm Langthaler on behalf of the Anti-imperialist Camp at the conference of the World Anti-imperialist Platform (WAP) in Athens, November 18, 2023. The actually delivered speech was different in order to refer to the contributions.
A series of unprecedented political bans of demonstrations and arrests dismantle historic achievements
Wilhelm Langthaler
Against demonstration bans
Austria has been a country known for both: social peace on one side and democratic and social rights on the other being interconnected. That combined with a foreign policy based on the constitutional neutrality which since the accession to the EU has been reduced to a formal remnant (however, with a huge political importance).
Fronte del Dissenso
Stop World War III. For a true and just peace, stop NATO INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
Odessa opposition leader Albu
Ceasefire with conditions
Alexey Albu was member of the Ukrainian leftist organisation Borotba and member of the regional parliament of the Odessa oblast before the ultranationalist coup d’état in 2014.
He demands the CCTV to be removed from his prison cell
Committee for the defense and release of prof. GN Saibaba
GN Saibaba
Immediately resolve the hunger strike Demands of Dr. G.N. Saibaba and save his life in the jail
Press Conference demanding the immediate release of wheelchair-bound Delhi University professor Dr. GN Saibaba who has contracted COVID-19 in Nagpur Central Jail
CBI Court verdict must be challenged
National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM)
NAPM Condemns the criminal neglect of the prosecution in the case and complete denial of the findings of the Liberhan Commission
EU drives Minsk towards Moscow
Poligraf_Red – a Marxist group from Minsk
Belarus rail
Foreign comrades are asking us to make some comments on the situation with the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Belarus. Here is our answer.