First May on Tahrir square in post-Mubarak Egypt

Meeting the leaders of the revolutionary movement
Jun 19th 2011
Against sectarianism
People express themselves.
First May
Vote "No" in the constitutional referendum.
No to normalization with Israel.
Wafd party on May First.
Ministry against people.
No more military judgement for innocent people.
Palestine and the social question
Down with the military council.
We will not leave, he must leave.
Embracing the revolution
Cafes of the revolution
Old Cairo
Magdi Hussein
Gamal Abd el-Fattah
Abdelhaleem Kandil
Arab Lotfi
Pater William
Mohamed Waked
Badr Marzook
Mingling up
demo culture.
Re-instate fired Imams.

Around May First 2011 the Anti-imperialist Camp conducted a solidarity mission to post-Mubarak Egypt. Its purpose was to get an accurate understanding of the political situation and at the same time to express our solidarity with the revolutionary forces who wants to carry on the transformation process to seize power from the oligarchy. As Anti-imperialist Camp we try to build systematic contacts with the leading forces and individuals of the anti-imperalist and revolutionary movement. Also by this mission we consolidated our links with the prospect to continue and increase the support for the Arab democratic revolutions.