Pics from the Global March to Jerusalem

Lebanon, March 30, 2012
Apr 18th 2012
GMJ rallay on the Beaufort castle
Crusader's castle Beaufort (Arabic Qalaa Schqeif); Hezbollah flag
Italian participants
Leo Gabriel, Austria
Participant from Malaysia
Orthodox Jews from Neturei Karta
Indian with Ghandi falsifying the accusation of Islamic fundamentalism
Media interest
Looking into Palestine: to the right of the middle a Jewish settlement
Attia Rajab (Germany), Daniela da Marco, Moreno Pasquinelli (both Italy)
Attia Rajab, Palestine Committee Stuttgart
Rabbi from Neturei Karta
Feroze Mithiborwala, convenor from India
Some Palestinians tried to descent to the Lintani towards the border
GMJ poster in the refugee camp Ain el Hilwe
present across the camp: a boy from the camp martyred on the border last year

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) is part of a series of international solidarity campaigns for Palestine and especially Gaza. But the GMJ is special for several reasons. Firstly it is based on a truly international coalition where forces from the Arab world collaborate with initiatives from Asia and the west. Secondly it has chosen an explicitly anti-Zionist platform. And thirdly it brings together leftist with Islamic organisations.

More than 200 international activists joined the GMJ, out of which the largest part came from Asia and the rest from western countries – but also people form Argentine to Japan where there.

The Anti-imperialist Camp chose to participate in Lebanon. Find here some pictures.