Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 2012

Tahrir popular uprisings at our doors
In the first years after the formation of the Anti-imperialist Camp we used to hold an annual public summer camp in Assisi, Italy, the last one in 2004. After difficult years we revive this experience this year 2012 on the juncture of the Arab revolt and the Southern European movements against the EU crisis.

The Anti-imperialist Camp (both the meeting as well as the organisation as such) has been always conceived as a forum, as a place where anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist forces from Europe and a across the world can meet, exchange experience and elaborate co-operation. The proclaimed aim of the Anti-imperialist Camp is to facilitate the formation of a global Anti-imperialist Front.

After the half defeat of the Iraqi resistance in 2007 the anti-imperialist forces across Europe underwent difficult times.

The Arab rebellion starting in 2011, which was enthusiastically welcomed by us, in the first place did not change much of our defensive situation – different to the times of the Iraqi resistance which created a whole movement. We believe, nevertheless, that the Arab popular movements for democracy indicate the crisis of imperialist capitalism and its concrete expression the American empire. Actually it was the Iraqi resistance (together with other factors) which helped to give birth to this tendency of decline of the imperialist center.

But there is another new element: the acute crisis of the EU which evoked unprecedented popular turmoil in Southern Europe and first of all in Greece. Actually the old Greek regime is close to collapse creating tremendous troubles to the EU oligarchy. Similar tendencies are maturing in central states like Spain or Italy which even belongs to the G8.

It is this combination, the Euro Tahrir, which we want to forge. This year’s Anti-imperialist Camp is a contribution to that goal.

Anti-imperialist Camp, Italy, 23-26 August, 2012
The Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi was a unique event. It brought together leaders and activists of the current Tahrir movement in the Arab world, anti-imperialist resistance forces from the Middle East including Islamic ones as well as anti-capitalist forces from Europe struggling against EU oligarchy. As the main state opposing the US-led global imperialist order a university professor from Tehran addresses the gathering as well. The guiding idea has been how to come together in a global anti-imperialist front.
Assisi, 23-26 August, 2012
Results of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Assisi 2012
Amal Ramsis, Egyptian film director, with Moreno Pasquinelli (r), AIC
In Assisi, the picturesque medieval town symbolising the quest for peace and friendship between Islam and Christianity, the Tahrir movements against the US order in the Arab world came together with the popular protests in Southern Europe against the starvation programmes of the EU oligarchy. It was a unique event bringing the tremendous challenges to the revolutionary movement to the consciousness of the militants.
Statement in sight of the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi
Israel needs war or the threat of war to justify its value to the United States. Israel recognizes that there is no benefit for Iran to attack Israel. However, the perception of an Iranian threat makes Israel a necessary partner for the U.S. in the region, and U.S. support for Israeli military action assures that both the U.S. and Israel will be considered enemies to the other peoples in the region.
Contribution KOE to the Assisi
After the elections we find ourselves within a new political landscape characterised by the radicalisation of the popular forces. There are four main points to be mentioned:
Anti-capitalist Left Co-operation for the Overthrow (Antarsya) in Assisi
After the elections of 6th May and 17th June 2012 the parties who signed the memorandum and support subjugation, managed to form a government with the collaboration of a "left" party – a break-away of SYRIZA. Members of the new government are some of the most fanatic neo-liberals in Greece.
Can popular protests be developed to size power from the capitalist elites?
The European Union is experiencing its deepest and most acute crisis ever – both in economic as well as in political terms. We are faced with massive capital flight from Southern Europe to its centre, which is not much longer sustainable. At the same time the imposed austerity is driving a downward spiral into recession leading to mass impoverishment. Popular protests are in the making while the politico-institutional framework is at the brink of collapse. The Euro and the entire EU is being threatened, destabilising the power of the capitalist elites.
Projection of the award-winning documentary film “Forbidden”
Amal Ramsis
Amal Ramsis is a well-known revolutionary film director from Egypt and at the same time an activist of the Tahrir movement. She has been involved in the new opposition movement starting in the late 90s which paved the long way for the fall of Mubarak. Amal Ramsis is something like a messenger of the young left revolutionary milieu of Egypt which has been driving the situation. She has been vocal for women’s rights.
Discuss with leaders and activists of the Syrian popular uprising
Haytham Manna is the foreign representative of the “National Co-ordination Body for Democratic Change” (NBC) and as such one of the most vocal and prominent figures of the Syrian left as well as of the anti-imperialist wing of the current democratic people’s movement.
Protagonists of the Palestine solidarity will get together
The support to the Palestinian liberation struggle always has been in the heard of the Anti-imperialist Camp. Therefore this year’s camp in Assisi, Italy, scheduled for 23-26 of August will feature a debate on the future of the Palestine solidarity movement.